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NEW!   June 30, 2014
Strengthening forensic science by example

May 2, 2014
Lessons from a deadly backlog of a different sort

March 24, 2014
When we talk about bias, let's be honest

February 28 2014
A public epidemic pays forensic science another visit

January 22 2014
Ralph "Bud" Keaton - A forensic pioneer still among us

October 8 2013
American Bar Association show true colors on science 

August 27 2013
The risk of organized labor in crime laboratories

February 28 2013
Promise and peril: the national forensic science commission


Managing Editors

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Jay Jarvis (left) and John Collins (right) are the managing editors of Crime Lab Report.  They have over 50 years of combined experience in the practice and administration of forensic science in public crime laboratories.  Their publication was founded in 2007 and has been cited in a wide variety of authoritative references.  In 2013, they initiated the transition of Crime Lab Report to a quarterly print edition with enhanced website features for subscribers.                 


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Coming Soon! We have exciting news for 2014!  Crime Lab Report will transition to quarterly printed editions that will be mailed directly to subscribers.  Each edition will include the kind of thoughtful commentary that has made Crime Lab Report a respected and impactful publication since 2007, but with new features and special sections. You will also receive an annual catalogue of cutting-edge products and services offered by businesses in the forensic science marketplace.




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Our Research

From time to time, Crime Lab Report conducts extensive research or reports more comprehensive commentary that is published in other peer-reviewed literature or journals.  The following is a list of papers published by Crime Lab Report and/or its editors. 

The Wrongful Conviction of Forensic Science
Forensic Science Policy and Management
By John Collins and Jay Jarvis  

Georgia's Crime Doctor (Book)
By Jay Jarvis

Contextual Contamination of Forensic Evidence by
Post Conviction Litigators

Institute for the Advancement of Criminal Justice
By John Collins and Jay Jarvis 

Rethinking the Ownership of Crime Laboratories
Police Chief Magazine
By John Collins 

A Reality Check on Crime Lab Backlogs
Michigan Bar Journal
By John Collins


Making an Impact

Crime Lab Report, since 2007, has been cited by a variety of authoritative experts and agencies in major rulings and literature publications.  To learn more about the impact of Crime Lab Report, please see the Citations link to some of the most significant references to Crime Lab Report articles and the work of our managing editors.

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